Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Pyongyang, North Korea - A State-Sponsored Simulation

Pyongyang, the capital city of North Korea and the central hub of global culture, is a vast city located on a lovely hill in the center of our great nation. We are led by our noble, wise leader, Kim Jong Un, and we actively fight the oppression and great evil of The America and the Other Korea.

Here are some photos to acclimatize you, the New Eastern Visionary, to the laws, customs, and successes of North Korea -

The Most Important Aspect of the Glorious City of Pyongyang:
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A Sampling of North Korean Cuisine:

An Example of Something that is not found in North Korea:

An Example of Something TOTALLY found in North Korea:

A Stupid Flag:

A Perfect Flag:

What We Have:

What The America Has:

This has been but a taste of the many fab things about the great state of North Korea. We could go on for days upon years upon centuries about our many other great accomplishments like winning soccer matches and increasing our GDP from 191st to 189th, but we do not wish to brag. Instead, we prefer that our accomplishments, self-evident as they are, speak for themselves! We can only hope that you, honorary Best Korean, will join us soon for a State-Sponsored National Tour!  They only cost $15 The American Dollars and The America's Nuclear Launch Codes!

Hail Citizen! Sleep well in your American dirt!


  1. I think North Korea is even aware that simulation creates reality. They have made fake missiles and military installations only for the purpose of tricking satellites into seeing more military force.



  2. I intend to sleep just fine in my American dirt!
    Wonderful work!

  3. wow i'm definitely going to go to north korea now. i feel like i'm already there. i've heard many bad things about north korea before, but this proves me wrong. well done.

    the piece seems like it would belong on a satirical website like the onion, and is very amusing to read.